I’ve noticed something interesting over the course of many speeches and training sessions – the topic of Millennials always seems to come up.  We’ll reach the end of a keynote or workshop, and inevitably someone will ask, “What about Millennials?  How do we engage them as employees?”  I find this fascinating.  So many managers and employers are concerned about how to approach the Millennials, and how to manage them within the workforce.  And yet, Millennials have already been in the workforce for many years.

Most managers do not realize that there is a whole new generation entering the workforce: Generation Z.  They are 22 years old and have a new set of values and characteristics. They are definitely different from all the other generations that came before them, and the challenge is that most organizations are not prepared for Gen Z yet.

How do we Engage Gen Z Employees? 

In order to help you better understand the defining factors of Generation Z and how their workplace expectations will differ from others, I’ve put together a series of six short videos on the topic.  You can watch them all on the official Dima Ghawi YouTube Channel, or begin by clicking play on the video below.  So, take a look, and then let me know: What will you do to engage Generation Z in your organization?


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