Keynote Speaker on Employee Leadership & Engagement

Each of Dima's keynotes are inspiring, wisdom filled, deeply emotional, and offer thought-provoking messages of courage, self-leadership, self-worth, confidence, curiosity, and the power of choice. These messages, combined with a powerful call to action, aim to drive individual audience members to reflect on their purpose in their organization and to enact positive change. Dima’s keynotes touch on the essence of developing effective leaders, and will leave your team inspired to take bold actions, rise above their limitations, and achieve higher levels of performance.  
Duration of keynote speeches: 30, 60, or 90 minutes  


To learn more about each of Dima's keynote speeches, click the titles below:

Shattering Limitations in Leadership

Audience: Women at various levels in their careers  
Issue Focus: Internal limitations play a big role in inhibiting women from advancing in leadership.  
Inspired by her TEDx Talk, Dima uses her personal story of transformation as a powerful teaching tool to encourage women to face and conquer their internal limitations. This keynote recounts the struggles and triumphs of her personal journey with vulnerability and insight that will resonate with each audience member and spark a guiding light for their individual journey of self-discovery and leadership growth. By addressing internal limitations, such as the fear of failure, worries about being judged, and the pursuit of perfection, Dima dares each individual to look deeper into their own internal limitations and equips them with the tools and inspiration it takes to shatter those limitations and emerge as empowered individuals and leaders.  
This keynote is customizable to audiences from various industries and job roles such as women in sales, attorneys, finance, etc.  

Leadership Starts From Within

Audience: Leadership Team
Issue Focus: Dealing with low self-awareness, confidence, and self-worth has negative implications on the leader’s effectiveness and influence on the team and the business performance. 
Dima believes that the world is hungry for self-aware leaders who can create a positive impact within organizations and throughout communities. This type of leadership starts from within through self-leadership by developing confidence, self-awareness, and self-worth. As the first step in the journey to self-leadership, Dima motivates audience members to stop and think about their uniqueness, brand identity, goals, aspirations, and internal limitations that are holding them back. Next, the audience is provided with the tools they need to hone in on their unique attributes and conquer the internal limitations that directly affect business performance, teamwork, and employee engagement. Finally, the audience members will be led to break the routine cycles that keep many stagnant in fear, become more self-aware, open their eyes to their potential, and develop the courage to take action.  

Inward, Outward, Onward: Leadership Starts Within

Dare To Thrive: Own Your Financial Future

Audience: Financial planning companies attracting potential women investors. 
Issue Focus: Compared to men, a low percentage of women are comfortable in investing and managing their finances.  
Today’s society offers more opportunities and resources than ever for women to confidently pursue their own financial aspirations. However, 50 percent of women still find it difficult to talk about personal finances, and just one third of all women have a financial plan. Dima focuses this keynote on instilling the courage and confidence and drive that is required for women to own their financial future. Multiple Fortune 500 companies, including Merrill Lynch and Regions Bank, have benefited from Dima’s experience and shared this empowering message with both their existing and potential clients.

Dima’s story of courage and self-discovery engages her audience and inspires them to look within to determine and shatter their own limitations. She connects with women in an original and refreshing way, and motivates them to find actual solutions to achieve growth in their own lives and organizations.
— J. Chauvin, Speakers Selection Committee, Women's Energy Network

How to Future-Proof Your Company: Engaging Gen Y to Z

Audience: Leadership Team

Issue Focus: Millennials have begun a positive disruption in the workplace that will continue in the generations after them, and while many companies have still not adapted their culture to millennials, a whole new generation is ready to enter the workplace.

Description: In this keynote, Dima shares lessons derived from her experience globally training, developing, and engaging over 500 millennials for Fortune 100 companies. She explores the keys to unlocking the millennial mind in order to better engage them in the workplace, give them the purpose they crave in their work, and inspire them to overachieve. Dima guides the audience members through a shift in perception that is essential in order to prepare companies for Gen Z.

By bridging the disconnect between generations, companies will be able to harness the creative and innovative talents of their employees while keeping them dedicated to the company’s mission.