—Words from the audience

When Dima delivers a speech, she creates an experience. She paints vivid pictures for her audience that activate their senses, stir emotions, and open their eyes to a new way of thinking. Dima shows them a future unburdened by internal and external limitations. Whether executive boards, top performers or entry level staff are in the audience, each attendee will leave with a renewed sense of purpose and a feeling of being confidently equipped with the tools they need to advance as leaders within their career, community and personal lives.

Personal Narratives
From crossing continents to conquering fears, Dima uses her stories of positive transformation as a powerful teaching tool – a mirror that dares the audience to look deeper into their own identity. By finding the meaningful connections to their own lives, audience members discover their voice, shatter the silence, barriers, and expectations so they can define their purpose for themselves and reach their deepest and highest potential.
Engaging Delivery
Whether she's smashing vases on stage or burning magical flash paper, Dima creates an empowering environment that energizes and excites her audience. Blending her contagious passion with powerful visual demonstrations, she awakens an appetite for transformation that goes beyond inspiration – she creates a change in her audience that lasts a lifetime.
New Perspectives
Dima's personal transformation journey coupled with her global leadership experience gives her unique insight into the keys for success. She uses that knowledge to inspire others to take action in their personal and professional lives. The Dima Experience introduces her audience to new ways to grow as a successful and empowered leaders, engage their teams, spark innovation and transform the organizations they lead.
I have seen Dima in action, both as a dynamic speaker as well as through watching her mentor others. Whether presenting to business professionals, artists, or mentoring a young adult, Dima knows how to engage her audience, capturing their attention with her approachable style and genuine message. Dima’s passion to help others grow and develop is very evident in her presentations and interactions.
— A. McCurry, Associate Director of Operations, Postlethwaite & Netterville, APAC

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