Dima's story begins as a young girl in Jordan with the dream of an education and a brighter future than her culture was willing to allow.  At each turn, she was faced with the limitations of her conservative homeland and a traditional Middle Eastern family who believed a woman's time was best spent in the home and not the classroom.  She was confronted with dangerous and life-threatening circumstances designed to hold her back, and despite it all, she pushed forward, creating her own destiny. Following her dream has taken her around the world and left her with greater lessons than she would have ever imagined possible.  From moving to the U.S. to earning her degree to climbing the corporate ladder, Dima has a unique perspective on what it takes to not only succeed in the corporate world, but also what is required for aspiring female leaders to shatter the glass ceiling and their own limitations.

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Leadership • Women in Business • Executive Advancement • Employee Engagement

Leading across Cultures • Equality in the Workplace • Overcoming Fear

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I have seen Dima in action, both as a dynamic speaker as well as through watching her mentor others. Whether presenting to business professionals, artists, or mentoring a young adult, Dima knows how to engage her audience, capturing their attention with her approachable style and genuine message. Dima’s passion to help others grow and develop is very evident in her presentations and interactions.
— A. McCurry, Associate Director of Operations, Postlethwaite & Netterville, APAC


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Media Opportunities

 Dima's leadership journey inspires audiences globally to take courageous actions to break through their limitations and dare to expand their potential personally and professionally.