From Forced Silence to a Loud Purpose

My story is one of escaping confinements, shattering barriers, crossing continents, and daring to discover and create a bold identity and transformational life purpose.  

I came from a part of the world where I was taught, at an early age, to be follower, quiet, and subservient. I was fiercely constrained by the Middle Eastern culture, community, and family expectations that molded me to be absent of identity. My path was predetermined, my worth was decided by the judgment of others, and all that truly mattered was preserving the honor of my family’s reputation in my every action. 

The weight of these suffocating external forces consumed me, left me paralyzed in fear, and grasping for a sense of identity.  

It took me years before I was able to dare realize that I might have a choice - that I might have a greater value than I was taught. I knew to change my circumstances would be extremely dangerous and would require courage I had never known before. Nevertheless, I was determined to transform my world, embrace the unknown, and discover my true identity, even if I had to stand alone and face the painful life-threatening consequences of my decision. Finally the day of metamorphic transformation came.

I ended up shattering the limitations that chained me to a life to which I no longer belonged.    

I began a new journey. I’m proud to share that, today, I draw from 18 years of global corporate experience and the harrowing trials of my own personal journey to establish this unique and empowering consulting company. I’m here to speak to the future leaders, the rebels and visionaries, those who are ready to shatter limitations, reach their full potential, and become a part of the global community for change. 

With experience leading global teams, managing strategic client relationships, and developing future leaders for companies like IBM, Merrill Lynch, and Bank of America, I combine my corporate expertise with my own personal narratives to captivate and motivate my audiences, by reaching into the depths of people’s minds, hearts, and unkindled aspirations and sharing a vision of hope, courage, and wild possibilities.  

Through keynote speeches, workshops, training programs, coaching and the development of an online global community, I continue to share my unique leadership journey with one goal in mind: motivate and activate those around me to dare to grow into leadership roles and reimagine what they are truly capable of achieving. 

I know the foundation of empowerment is knowledge, and I believe our world is hungry for effective leaders who can be agents of change.

It’s time to shatter your limitations and be courageous - join me as we grow into the leaders of tomorrow.


Dima has a story littered with challenges that most of us cannot begin to comprehend. While many people would carry scars from such obstacles, Dima refuses to let them define her - instead, they have refined her. She lives a life paved in corporate and personal accomplishments, ascending the corporate ladder, then cutting herself free at a time when most would cling on to such security. Her ability to overcome challenges, take risks, and inspire others makes Dima an exceptional and motivational force for greatness.
— J. Beyt

Her very personal presentation made us laugh, cry, and feel bold enough to discuss shattering the limitations in our lives.
— A. Begnaud, Director of Marketing & Communications, One Acadiana Chamber of Commerce