Originally published by Baton Rouge Business Report.

Jordan. California. New York. Japan. North Carolina. These are all places that Dima Ghawi has called home. These days, it’s Baton Rouge, where she manages and implements training programs for the IBM Services Center’s new hires. She also leads the company’s community relations and outreach activities in the Capital Region.

This is my favorite app. I used it daily while preparing for my TEDxLSU Talk, which I gave last March. The app features 1,700 talks with speakers from around the globe. Use it to access interesting and unique speeches about a wide range of topics such as culture, business, science, and technology.

This app streams the latest podcasts and radio shows. It enables the user to select topics of interest and listen to podcasts on demand; it also recommends options based on a personalization algorithm. Its concept is similar to Pandora’s: While Pandora plays specific types of music based on the user’s preferences, Stitcher does the same for podcasts.

This personalized brain training program utilizes game methods to help enhance the user’s memory, attention, speed and problem solving. It is based on research in neuroscience, and it tracks the progress of the user. Lumosity offers more 40 games and is a fun way to keep the brain sharp.

Couch-to-5K is a beginners’ endurance training program with a plan to guide and track the progress of the user. It is designed to get the user off the couch and running a 5K (3.2 miles) in nine weeks—and in my case, to get me away from my desk and running. It is my personal trainer on my iPhone.