The Wild Element

The Wild Element Program

The Wild Element empower both men and women to take risks, stand for their dreams and rise.

Dima tells her story of growing up in the Middle East oppressed by family, culture and her own fears and limitations, and more importantly her painstaking journey to rise above. She paints a vivid picture of both the beauty and tragedy of her life in the Middle East and transition to America - baking with her loving grandmother, struggling to break free from her oppressive husband, and the pinnacle moments that opened her eyes and motivated her as she fought for her own identity and at times for her very life. 

"The wild element is inside of me, inside of you, and in all of us, it is unstoppable."

Product includes:

  • A 1.5 hour recording
    • Part I: Dima telling The Wild Element story
    • Part II: Dima sharing her thoughts about culture, expectations and the wild element within
  • The Wild Element eBook
  • A worksheet designed to help you identify what is kneading you down, the wild element within, and empower you to rise.
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