Are you ready to stand onstage and inspire your audience as they listen to your voice, your stories and messages?  

This coaching program is designed for individuals with a calling to empower others through professional speaking engagements. It includes a step-by-step approach, templates, and resources to help you take action and transform your thoughts into highly impactful keynote speeches.

Dima customizes the program to align with your specific level and needs. Some of the main topics are:

  1. Clarifying your WHY and your core message
  2. Story development
  3. Target audience and personas
  4. Keynote design
  5. Delivery methods and styles
  6. Engagement techniques: WOW the event planner
  7. Reaching the audience: Their hearts & minds 
  8. The power of props
  9. Managing the fear of public speaking
  10. Pre-speech and post-speech processes
  11. Create, monitor, protect, and evolve your brand
  12. One pager design
  13. Media kit
  14. Blogging, Facebook live, and podcasts
  15. Subscriber list and following
  16. Social media and traditional marketing strategy
  17. Speaking fees and non-monitory compensation 
  18. Monetizing and program development 
  19. Protecting your business 
  20. And much, much more!


Coaching process:

  • Two sessions per month
  • 1.5 hours per session
  • Delivered in-person or virtually
  • Access to Dima in between sessions


Dima's Experience:

  • International keynote speaker
  • Author and international best seller
  • Three-time TEDx speaker
  • For more information about Dima's speaking style, visit this link

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Dima coached me out of my fear and into my passion! She was methodical in her encouragement and support— pressing me to dig deeper and dream bigger. “Thrive” is how I would capture my experience. Her personal journey and grace are the special sauce in Dima’s delivery.
— Beattra Wilson

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