Are you ready to advance your leadership skills and rise in leadership roles?

Through a one-on-one coaching program strategically tailored to individuals’ specific career goals, Dima works alongside her clients as a partner in their leadership development. For professionals transitioning into senior leadership roles, she provides the tools they need to rise above their limitations, ignite their inner leader and confidently engage their teams. 

Some of the coaching topics include:

  • Self-leadershp
  • A series of personality assessments 
  • Building employee engagement
  • Designing a positive and innovative culture
  • Managing conflict and difficult personalities
  • Conducting performance reviews
  • Delivering executive presentations
  • Establishing executive presence
  • Managing fear of failure and taking risks

To learn more about the leadership development program, contact Dima for details. 

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Dima has been an invaluable coach to me. I can attest to the fact that she has an uncanny knack for recognizing and cultivating leadership skills in others.
— Nicole Caceres
Dima is an expert in leadership development, and inspires her audience to take action to advance personally and professionally.
— Lauralyn Maranto

Learn about Dima's three coaching programs: