The new year is a wonderful time to reflect on our endeavors and learn from the our past experiences, so at the start of 2019 I asked women around the globe to provide their advice for other women regarding professional advancement and personal growth. Here is a list of the top ten comments that we can benefit from. 

  1. “Professionally, know what you’re worth, prove it by earning it, and stand by getting paid for it.” Lynn Carro Daigle 

  2. “You are worthy! You are capable and highly favored. You got this!” kmwalker1570 on Instagram 

  3. Believe in yourselfand don't be afraid to go after your dreams.” Tracy Cloud 

  4. “Roll with the Punches & Keep Eyes on the Prize” Astrid Clements 

  5. Be you! Set high goals! Believe in yourself!” Mayra Pineda 

  6. “Spend less time on social media and more time actually living your life! Get outside and enjoy a walk with friends.” Amy Canard

  7. “Use the word “sorry” only when you have something to be sorry for. Never hesitate to apologize when you are at fault, but don’t apologize for things that don’t warrant an apology!” Lindsey Wren Roussel

  8. Be kind to yourself and take care of your health. Do one thing every day to move forward your goals.” Shelly Dupre

  9. Strength is from your inner soul! You gotta let it shine through you.” Rodiena Nassereddine

  10. “Stop saying yes to things that don’t serve you. You are worthy of saying noto those things.” Adaina Biggs

My advice to you is to enjoy your journey of professional growth, make time to laugh and be playful. Recognize that there will always be obstacles in your way and individuals that will try to discourage you. Expect these challenges and be determined to continue to rise higher and higher. Look back only to appreciate how much you have came along, smile with pride, and then take another step upward. 

Happy 2019!


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