I recently attended Date with Destiny, a 6-day Tony Robbins event. In this blog, I am sharing with you my favorite 3 ideas that I got from the event.

How to Achieve What You Want:

  • Get obsessed: focus on what you want and not on what you don’t want. This is the power of absolute clarity and achievement.
  • Take massive action: effective execution, speed up by learning from someone that has already done it, hire a coach, develop a strategy/plan, and take the massive action.
  • Do it with grace: the connection of knowing

How to Create an Ideal State for Yourself:

  • Physiology: watch how your posture is, are you slouching? Instead, stand up, adjust your posture, breath, smile, shake your body, and even jump in order to increase your energy.
  • Focus: What are you focused on, what thoughts do you think about every day and every minute? Focus on all the things you appreciate about yourself and life.
  • Language: How do you talk to yourself and others? Pay attention to your words, they are important and transformative.

The Six Fundamental Needs Everyone Has:

1.     Certainty / comfort

2.     Uncertainty / variety

3.     Significance

4.     Connection/Love

5.     Growth

6.     Contribution

Which ones are your main needs?  All of these needs are important, but what becomes critical is which ones are influencing our lives the most.

If our main need is:

1.     Certainty/comfort: then we’re afraid of change and can’t dare to take a new step.

2.     Uncertainty/variety: we need to always be at the edge and can’t relax.

3.     Significance: we have to look good at all times and impress the world.

4.     Connection/Love:  we need to feel connected and loved above all else and may sacrifice our authentic selves if turned up too high.

5.     Growth: we need to feel a sense of expansion and evolution into our highest selves.

6.     Contribution: we need to feel that we’re giving our greatest gifts in the greatest service to the world.

Growth, Contribution, and Love. Lead with those and then the rest will flow.


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