Delivering Executive Presentations 


Issue Focus: Missed business opportunities due to messages not being presented effectively  
Dima leverages her extensive experience in developing and presenting to executive audiences on a global scale to teach advanced presentation skills to senior managers (and those preparing for and/or transitioning into senior management positions). This engaging skill-building training focuses on the preparation and delivery aspects of an executive presentation including managing the fear of public speaking, body language, understanding the needs of the executive audience, developing an executive summary, efficiently communicating technical message, impactful slide design and content, and more.

Tips for delivering an effective presentation:


Dima’s presentation on Delivering Effective Presentations was powerful, insightful, and highly engaging. Our team is already adopting the lessons gained from Dima’s knowledge and expertise on this topic. Feedback from the program was overwhelming positive and we will surely be asking Dima to return for other leadership coaching.
— Lance Roux

Dima coached me on developing effective presentations, but more importantly, she developed me as a presenter. She is a creative and committed partner. By working with Dima, I was able to maximize the power of my message, engage the audience, and develop confidence in myself as a presenter. Now, I am excited to use my newfound presentation skills over and over.
— M. Geer, Halliburton