Taking Your Career to the Next Level: 5 Keys to Business Advancement


Talented individuals at every stage in their career can often feel stagnant and underprepared for advancement. In this workshop, Dima provides a roadmap that includes five essential topics that are critical for professional growth. Attendees leave with individual action plans that address each one of the five topics, in addition to feeling challenged to pursue goals out of their comfort zone and inspired to continue to advance.

Topics include:

  1. Developing and elevating your brand

  2. Utilizing your network for professional growth

  3. Building relationships and engaging clients

  4. Developing a sales mindset

  5. Planning your career path and goal setting 

Dima’s roadmap has been proven successful with clients she coaches and trains globally, and is sure to foster the professional growth of each attendee once implemented. 

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Dima has been an invaluable coach to me. I can attest to the fact that she has an uncanny knack for recognizing and cultivating leadership skills in others.
— Nicole Caceres
Dima is an expert in leadership development, and inspires her audience to take action to advance personally and professionally.
— Lauralyn Maranto