Dima Ghawi is fondly known as the Cajun Middle Easterner.  She was born into strict Middle Eastern culture, then decades later, was shaped by the colorful culture of her adopted home state of Louisiana.  Her unique perspective has been molded by her diverse background and two decades of global corporate experience.  She has led global teams, managed strategic client relationships, and developed future leaders for companies like IBM, Merrill Lynch, and Bank of America.

Dima's leadership training, workshops, and keynote speeches are derived from her corporate expertise and her own personal narratives.  She captivates and motivates the audience, by reaching into the depths of people’s minds, hearts, and unkindled aspirations and by sharing a vision of hope, courage, and unlimited potential.  Each of Dima's keynotes are engaging, uplifting, wisdom filled, and offer thought-provoking messages of courage, self-leadership, and the power of transformation.  She inspires the audience to take actions to positively transform personally and professionally.