Creating A Harassment-Free Workplace


The harsh truth of sexual harassment in the workplace has prevented many individuals from thriving in their careers and has resulted in high risk for employers. Costly lawsuits, loss of qualified talent, and damage to organizations’ brand image cost companies that allow harassment billions a year. 

In this two-part workshop, Dima provides effective methods for addressing and preventing sexual harassment in the workplace. Part I of the workshop includes insight for leaders on how to identify sexual harassment, three tips for addressing it, and three methods for preventing it. Part II includes tools for creating a culture of inclusion that prevents harassment from occurring and empowers employees to feel safe coming forward with concerns. 

Not only does a harassment-free workplace improve business performance, it ensures that no one will have to endure the pain and shame of being harassed or violated by a colleague. Attendees leave equipped to be advocates of change for themselves, their coworkers, and their company.