While Dima’s keynote speeches inspire self-discovery and self-leadership, her workshops build upon that inspiration to develop the critical skills required for professional success. Workshops are designed with engaging exercises, group activities, and humorous stories to create an unforgettable experience where attendees feel comfortable exploring and learning new skills.  

Duration of Workshops: Half-day, full-day, or two-day

Elevating Employee Engagement

Audience: Leadership Team  

Focus: Only 30% of the global workforce feels engaged (Gallup Research). This has a direct negative impact on the bottom line.  


• Strengthening the leadership within the organization and equipping the executives with tools to motivate their team members  

• Solidifying employees’ understanding of the corporate strategy

• Connecting employees with their strengths and career aspirations

• Engaged and lucrative work environments  

• Increased employee retention  

• Improved creativity, innovation, and client satisfaction that results in overall enhanced morale  

• Positive impact on the company’s bottom line 

How to Future-Proof Your Company: Engaging Gen Y to Z ™

Audience: Leadership Team  

Focus: Millennials have begun a positive disruption in the workplace that will continue in future generations. Yet, many companies have still not adapted their culture to millennials, while another generation is ready to enter the workplace.  


• Explore the similarities and differences of each generation to increase understanding and reduce conflicts  

• Educate the leadership team about the values, motivators, and strengths of Millennials and Gen Z in order to better engage them in the workplace

• Provide tips and tools for effective communication and engagement across generations

• Enhanced trust and relationships across the supply chain among employees, customers, and suppliers  

• Provide employees across generations with the purpose they crave in their work, leading to greater understanding, effective communication and reduced conflict  

• Sense of inclusion and appreciation amongst employees, increasing overall employee engagement, morale, and productivity  

• Enhanced creativity, innovation, and competitiveness. 

Leading Across Time Zones and Diverse Cultures

Audience: Leadership Team  

Focus: Missed business opportunities due to the lack of global business understanding.  


• Explore tactics to communicate effectively across cultures, to enhance trust, and to build relationships  

• Discuss the social cues necessary to operate in global work environments

• Highlight the values and motivators across cultures

• Sense of inclusion and appreciation amongst employees, increasing overall employee engagement, morale, and productivity  

• Enhanced cultural understanding and effective communication to build trust and relationships  

• Increased curiosity and appreciation of diverse cultures  

• Enhanced creativity, innovation, and productivity 

Bridging the Gap and Shattering the Glass Ceiling

Audience: Women in Business  

Focus: The low percentage of women in senior leadership roles.  


• Discuss methods to effectively thrive in business by harnessing unique qualities  

• Share leadership qualities that are critical for professional advancement in business and beyond

• Work with participants to identify self-induced limitations, and inspire them to take action and advance

• Self-aware and conscientious women leaders with an increased sense of confidence  

• More women equipped with the skills and mindset to advance in leadership  

• Increased gender diversity in senior leadership roles to positively contribute to the organization’s bottom line 

Delivering Executive Presentations

Audience: Leadership Team  

Focus: Missed business opportunities due to messages not being presented effectively 

Elevate Your Professional Brand

Audience: Professionals at all levels  

Brands have the power to influence people’s perception, and by understanding your personal and company’s brands, you have the power to strengthen the perception of your uniqueness and value. 
In this presentation, through humorous stories, provoking messages, and engaging activates, Dima shares with her audience three elements of professional branding by looking:  

• Inward: understanding the strengths that you have to offer  

• Outward: projecting a positive external and online presence  

• Onward: using your internal and external brand to reach your goals  

These elements inspire the audience to become intentional in projecting a professional image and owning their unique brands, which will propel them forward towards their goals and empowers them to expand their potential. 

Engaging Virtual Teams

Audience: Leadership Team  

Focus: The absence of a traditional workplace presents unique challenges that call for a more conscious leadership style in order to effectively engage employees in the digital workplace.  

Description: Many businesses are shifting to virtual workplaces to employ the right talent regardless of location, improve productivity, and cut cost. Dima’s interactive presentation teaches the audience how to effectively engage a virtual team with one key to virtual leadership: CONNECTION. She breaks down how to establish and maintain intentional and genuine connection in virtual spaces in three major ways: connecting the team with the manager; connecting the team with each other, and connecting the team with the company’s mission. This presentation empowers the audience to improve their virtual team’s communication, moral, and performance.  

Diversity and Inclusion: Worth More Than Gold

Audience: Leadership Team  

Focus: Diversity Blindness™: many companies don’t realize they have lack of diversity and don’t understand how to be intentional in creating diversity in their workplace  

Description: There is compelling research proving that diversity leads to business advancement, enhanced creativity, and better bottom line results. Despite this, there is still resistance to workplace diversity.  
Dima shares the many different types of diversity beyond only race and gender, and covers the proven benefits of diversity. Through effective methods and engaging personal narratives, she provides the audience with powerful tools that enable them to increase diversity in their teams. The audience gains new understanding for developing a short-term and long-term diversity strategy, managing resistance, and creating a climate that celebrates diversity in their companies.