Keynote Speaker

Junior League of Jackson, MS

Topic: Leadership Starts from Within

Dealing with low self-awareness, confidence, and self-worth has negative implications on the leader’s effectiveness and influence on the team and the business performance. 
Dima believes that the world is hungry for self-aware leaders who can create a positive impact on organizations and throughout communities. This type of leadership starts from within through self-leadership by developing confidence, self-awareness, and self-worth. As the first step in the journey to self-leadership, Dima motivates audience members to stop and think about their uniqueness, brand identity, goals, aspirations, and internal limitations that are holding them back. Next, the audience is provided with the tools they need to hone in on their unique attributes and conquer the internal limitations that directly affect business performance, teamwork, and employee engagement. Finally, the audience members will be led to break the routine cycles that keep many stagnant in fear, become more self-aware, open their eyes to their potential, and develop the courage to take action.  

Junior League of Mobile Headquarters
57 North Sage Avenue
Mobile, Alabama